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Head Lice and Summer Camp

Many cases of head lice go unnoticed at summer camp, even though camps check kids on the first day of camp. The warm Things you should know about head lice  before you send your child to summer camp! 


Weather, and direct contact makes summer camp an ideal transmission environment for head lice. The best way to prevent is to pick up your Repellent Kit "Mint Shampoo, Conditioner, and Spray"  at Magic Nit Pick!


The following are the steps that your Kids Camp should be taking! 


1. Carefully check all staff members upon arrival at Camp


2. Counselors should be taught how to detect symptoms of head lice, and be advised to discourage the sharing of personal articles such as hats, hair ties, hair brushes, and towels among campers


3. Every campers should be carefully screened upon arrival at Camp. If lice or eggs (nits) are found, parents should be notified to pick up their child immediately, and make sure their child has been treated for lice successfully before they are allowed to return to Camp


4. All campers should be periodically checked throughout the summer, including a thorough check before they return home

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