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What To Expect During The Treatment at our All Natural Head Lice Removal Salon:

1 - Head Check: Please come in with clean and untangled hair!!!

Upon arrival, we will examine head to determine if lice, or nits are present

2 - Evidence: We will show you the presence of lice

3 - Treatment: Once lice and nits are found we will apply our special Magic Nit Pick Lice Removal Enzyme Spray, and utilize a special combing technique to remove all the dead lice, and nits out

4 - Final Re-Check/Product Application: Upon completion of the treatment, we will check the head one last time to make sure nothing was missed, and apply additional repellent product

5 -Post treatment/upon clearance: We will provide you a clearance certificate, so that children can return to school without further delay.

Head Check - $35/Person

*Please make sure to come in with clean and untangled hair  

*If evidence of lice is present $35 head check fee will be applied to the treatment

Follow Up - $49/Person

*Applies to all hair lengths and types 

Detangle Hair - $25/Person

*Additional charges will apply if it take longer than 15 minutes to detangle the hair

Head Lice Removal (1 to 2 weeks) - $99/Person

*Applies to all hair lengths and types

Head Lice Removal (3 to 4 weeks) - $149/Person

*Applies to all hair lengths and types

Head Lice Removal for heavy infestation (4+ weeks) - $198/Person

*Applies to all hair lengths and types

  Hair Extension Removal 

   *Weft Extensions (Sewn on a braid base or micro beads) - $165

   *Tape Extensions (Tape wefts that get "sandwiched" together in between your own hair) - $245

   *I-Tip Extensions (Type of extensions that latches onto natural hair using microbeads) - $255

   *K-Tip Extensions (Keratin-based glue for attaching individual hair strands to your natural hair) - $265 

**LICE PREVENTATIVE PRODUCTS: Magic Nit Pick Peppermint Preventative Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mint Repellant Spray will offer up to 8 hours of Lice Protection. Please click on our Lice Treatment Products for details. 

**MOBILE SERVICES: Please contact us for additional information regarding our Mobile In Home Lice Removal Services, Household, and Automobile Spray Treatments.

Lice Treatment

**PLEASE NOTE "HEALTH INSURANCE": Unfortunately, personal health insurance carriers do not deem head lice as a medical condition, and in turn, they will not cover the costs associated with lice removal services. However, if your company or employer offers a "Flex Spending or Savings Type Account", our services and all costs associated with our services are likely to be covered and can be reimbursed in full to you. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this, please contact your employer for additional information.

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